Combine the power of three powerful tools in one place

Case management

A secure case management application which helps you work flexibly, efficiently and securely. Fully searchable notes, categories and case outcomes for quick access.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a philosophy where you focus on the customer in every aspect of your organization. The tools to manage all your customer interactions in one place easily and efficiently.

Project Management

Keep all your projects safely in one place. All data, documents, activities and people will be securely organized within project milestones on-line and can be accessed by team members from anywhere at any time.



View and share clients, tasks projects and cases seamlessly in one tab.


Easily customise features data fields, projects, workflows and user permissions.


A cloud based system accessed via SSL secure connection with multiple backups.


User permission levels for all features and custom privacy levels for all client records.


Share clients, cases, tasks and projects across departments and external partners.


Live dashboard for all your projects and cases. Easily export and import data into spreadsheets.

Template Documents

Create template documents using Microsoft Word & merge with client data fields

Email & Calendar Integration

Integrate CRM tasks with Google Apps and Outlook suites

Client Portal

Portal option for clients to self-refer to services

Easy set up


The first step

A free initial meeting to identify your project, case and CRM needs with free live account for your teams to evaluate.

Set up and Training

Through a collaborative process produce a detailed plan to migrate users, projects, and data from your existing systems - be they spreadsheets, paper or other CRMs

Go Live

We make sure all your projects, clients and data are migrated, tested and ready to go live with a seamless transition.

Let us demonstrate how we can meet your requirements.

Flexible Pricing

Key2CRM is a subscription service with prices from as low as £55 per user per month.

Price match

Key2CRM will price match other combined CRM and Case Management Systems

No hidden fees

Key2CRM gives you the full freedom to modify features, add new projects, users, data fields import and export data with no fees or programming skills.